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Static memory-efficient Trie-like structures for Python (2.7 and 3.4+) based on marisa-trie C++ library.

String data in a MARISA-trie may take up to 50x-100x less memory than in a standard Python dict; the raw lookup speed is comparable; trie also provides fast advanced methods like prefix search.


There are official SWIG-based Python bindings included in C++ library distribution; this package provides alternative Cython-based pip-installable Python bindings.


pip install marisa-trie


See Tutorial and API for details.

Current limitations

  • The library is not tested with mingw32 compiler;
  • .prefixes() method of BytesTrie and RecordTrie is quite slow and doesn’t have iterator counterpart;
  • read() and write() methods don’t work with file-like objects (they work only with real files; pickling works fine for file-like objects);
  • there are keys() and items() methods but no values() method.


Wrapper code is licensed under MIT License.

Bundled marisa-trie C++ library is dual-licensed under LGPL and BSD 2-clause license.